Saturday, February 1, 2020

Starbolts #465: The Time Lost


Looks like M'anta and Crystal are taking on a sidequest to save M'anta's mother, Yeena and the first Lady Liberty. The first Lady Liberty's death was shown in a flashback in Starbolts #447: The Legacy of the Shield and Yeena's death happened way back in Starbolts #52: The Aquan Front. Wow. That was ten years ago in real world terms. In the comic, it's only been a little less than two years. Crystal and M'anta have their work cut out for themselves as they work to bring those heroines back to the present.

We still have a few questions. Who is "The Chief"? Obviously she is someone who is familiar with the Starbolts. I wonder who she could be. What is "The Parental Directive"? We'll find out the answer to that one soon. For now, we wait as the teams are ready to go back in time and fix history.

Good luck, Starbolts! You're gonna need it!

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