Saturday, March 14, 2020

Starbolts #471: Moral Combat


This week's comic has a few moral dilemmas for our heroes. Norad wrestled with the possibility of changing the timeline and Angela had her own insecurities with her powers to deal with. This Professor really does know the Starbolts well. What is his motivation? It seems that he has his eyes set on not just M'anta and Jenna but Firaxil and Angela. Could the whole team be in trouble?

There seems to be a lot going on this week and all will be revealed in time. The events the teams are going to are all in chronological order. So, next week we are going to see Jenna deal with her school issues and unfortunately we will be heading to the time period Crystal freaked out about a few comics ago. Trust me when I say it was well warranted.

As always, I will put a disclaimer at the head of the page. It's not going to be one for the faint of heart and I definitely took no pleasure in writing it. But, it needed to be done.

See you next week, gang! 


  1. The tragedies that happened will shape them into the heroes they become. By altering their past you potentially alter and weaken their future. Then again, maybe THAT is the goal given what bruiser boy there said.

    1. The tragedies do shape our heroes. You might have a point about the bruiser. Wait and see!!