Saturday, May 16, 2020

Starbolts #480: Letting the Dust Settle


This week, we've decided to let the dust settle a bit while the team looks for Angela and "Dark Angela". They needed to come to terms with the time traveling adventure which has been going on for many comics now. Andrea had her reunion with her mentor, Carter, aka the first Lady Liberty. She wants to hear all about her protege's children. This could get awkward really fast. How is she going to explain all of what happened to Jack, Sara and Crystal?

Meanwhile, we have Mateo talking about his time traveling experiences. That was probably a tough thing for him to talk about. You don't just forget seeing something like that. If you check out the comic, just remember there is a viewer discretion message still in effect.

The cutest part has to go to little Sirak talking to his returning grandmother. She had been missing for most of his life. So, he's basically a chatterbox at this point. I get the feeling he's going to love the story of how his idol, M'anta, saved her. Older Sirak in the mean time probably remembers this day. Sirak and Rose really want to be in the mess hall with their family. But, they can't because of time travel rules and everything.

As for the Chief and Firaxil? I wonder if anyone can guess who she might be. She and future Firaxil seem to be close. Hmmmm....

More on that AND both Angelas at the ranch next week! Kevin is a man on a mission. Let's hope Sara's bad feeling is unwarranted. See ya next time!!

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