Sunday, April 26, 2020

Starbolts #477: The Parental Directive


This week, the Agents have assembled to fight the foe no single superhero could withstand. They are the mentors and parents of several members of the Starbolts. Do they have what it takes to defeat The Professor's forces? Time will tell. However, there are still a few mysteries. Why were the drones so focused on trying to kill Angela? What is her part in all of this? Throughout this entire storyline, Angela has been a focal point. We'll find out the answer a lot sooner than you might think!

As for the Agents themselves, I had some fun putting the sprites together. The first Lady Liberty is actually using the Mark 16 armor Jenna and Sara used. The Arlanderos' father was a Centurion and that will be an important issue in the not too distant future. Many of the Agents actually passed down their powers to their children. Sara got Stan's teleportation ability. Marcus got superspeed from his mother.  It's very interesting how it all came together. The Starbolts owe a lot to their parents. Let's see if they can finish the job.

It should be clear that many of the parents appeared with their corresponding child except for Takashi, Kaori and Norad. Norad was created by Kevin and Takashi and Kaori were adopted by Ganetsu, the man in green in the last panel. We have quite a roster of heroes. Here's hoping they can defeat the Professor's forces.


(And yes. The team is basically like the Avengers but with some differences.)

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