Sunday, September 1, 2019

Starbolts #447: The Legacy of the Shield


This week's comic has a little bit of history in it doesn't it? Check out Andrea's uniform from when she worked with the first Lady Liberty. Does the design look familiar? It should. Crystal has a design similar to that now. Interesting. It's also interesting to note that Marcus's mother designed BOTH uniforms. She's like the Edna Mode of this universe. Still, we have no capes!

This week also saw Sara meet the future in-laws. That meeting may not go as you might expect. Look for more on that next week. At least we have some vague idea of what's going to happen to the metahumans and Shenra now that they've been freed.

We also got a look at why the Starbolts and the agents have those four pronged stars on their suits. Pretty crafty idea, Andrea. And now we have some solid background for her, Stan and the other Agents. The first Lady Liberty left a legacy for the others to follow and if you ask me, I think the current generation is doing great living up to her legacy.

See ya next time!

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