Sunday, April 5, 2020

Starbolts #474: Time's Up (Part 2)


As of this comic, we just have one more time zone left to fix. After that, we'll be catching up with Manta and Crystal and then we'll have our epic showdown with the Professor and his so-called "Cult of Tukala". There we will see his true strength. It's going to take every Starbolt working together to defeat his army. We've only been dealing with the grunts. His really strong forces are with him and they are biding their time.

I hope everyone has been enjoying these trips through time. The comics are serving as a backstory for our heroes as well as a time travel adventure. This week we've gone over the death of the Aquan trio's father, Sirak. As you can see, he knew Aquita was pregnant with his namesake and gave Mateo his blessing. Poor guy never lived to see his grandson. =(

Rick Baxter eventually meets his end, too. Rick encounters M'anta and Jenna and he attacks in a fit of jealous rage. The man falls off of the roof attempting to kill our hero and impales himself on the statue of the Aquan God of Justice, Xazes. How's that for symbolism? =)

Hope everyone's been enjoying these trips through time! A few more adventures remain! Stay tuned!!

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