Saturday, April 11, 2020

Starbolts #475: A Dangerous Time


This week's time travel adventure takes place during Starbolts #17, a comic that's over ten years old! In comic terms, the event was only two years ago. Looking back at that one and coming here shows just how much the comic changed. Everything changes in ten years. Styles change and even character designs do. I wasn't a fan of those old character designs. It's a good thing I got some new ones. It is cool to look back every once in a while, though. 

So, we're finally done with the individual time periods. Now M'anta and Crystal can complete their missions without interference from the Professor's minions. If you remember, M'anta has to save his mother, Queen Yeena. And Crystal has to save the first Lady Liberty. That should be a fun comic to do. Ideas are buzzing around my head and I will probably work on the comic soon.

Now, what about this week? Well, we had a cameo from Shenra. Shenra, if you recall eventually gets kidnapped by Gladstone and spends two years as a prisoner of Terra Nova. Eventually she is freed and now is hanging out with Shrall since she has no way of getting back to Demonsk.

Pretty heavy stuff is in store for her. But, we can't dwell on that. Yeena and the first Lady Liberty are about to be saved! Then the Professor will finally make himself known! Get ready for a huge brawl!!

See you next time!

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