Saturday, February 15, 2020

Starbolts #467: Dark Times on Aquarius


The time traveling Starbolts are off on their adventure and their first stop is the Aquan Occupation. This was a dark time in Aquan history. For sixty years, aliens known as the Mosqukatara enslaved the people of their world. They were forced into labor camps, slums and exterminated for following their religion. There were other atrocities the bugs committed. The water was heavily polluted and that forced many to take shelter on land.

However, where there was strife there was hope. Sirak, Yeena and their resistance cell was one of many that oversaw the liberation of many camps, saved countless lives and preserved their planet for sixty years until they were liberated. Firaxil and Jacob have arrived at a crucial point in time. The Mosqukatara's losses have been mounting for years. All that was left was one final push to drive the insects from their homeland.

We know that the cell was successful in saving Aquarius. However, something is up with Yeena. I'll reveal what that is, soon. Readers might want to keep her in your mind. She'll be coming up a lot in future comics. Notably the ones concerning Sirak's eventual assassination and over course her rescue.

You might also want to take note how M'anta and Sirak share the same wardrobe. M'anta is wearing his father's armor. Heroism does run in the family. Actually, it runs in many of the Starbolts' families.

See you next time for part two of our trip to Aquarius! 

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