Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Starbolts #468: Making Aquarius Great Again


Sorry this week's comic was a little later than usual. I came down with a nasty stomach bug right when there were about ten panels left to work on. I couldn't very well work on everything. So, I had to delay it a couple of days. And despite all that, I think this week's comic turned out good.

I'll give you all just one guess as to who Yeena is pregnant with at the end of the comic. If you guessed Aquita, you'd be right. She was conceived shortly before the end of the Occupation of Aquarius. By the time she was born, reconstruction was underway and by the time the twins M'anta and Shrall were born two years later, Aquarius had begun to finally heal from the wounds inflicted on them by the insidious Mosqukatara.

The bug queen here just wanted to make Aquarius great again. Problem is that she was enslaving everyone. The planet is free and now Jacob and Firaxil can head back to the future. One timeline has been restored and there's eight more to go! Get ready for more temporal hijinks!

See you next time!

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