Saturday, December 21, 2019

Starbolts #461: The Gift


This year I bring you a different kind of holiday comic. Like the Halloween one, this one is in canon. It is holiday themed because Jenna has received a very important gift. Time. She wants to start a family with M'anta and sadly has to wait a while before she can actually do so. You can also say that she has a lot more in common with Sara now. Remember back in Starbolts #275 when she fought Jade Skull? Well, that ending wasn't as happy as we thought. Jenna still has a few lingering aftereffects of her transformation into her torch form. Sara used to have similar troubles with her solar powers back in the day.

Speaking of back in the day, I show off yet another glimpse into the Agents' past with Richard Dastara's armory. Richard used to be the hero known as Cobalt. His armors made him an important member of the team. I have been showing a lot of the old Agents recently. This isn't a coincidence. It's all leading somewhere. It will all come together in the next storyline! Wait and see what Sam and I have up our sleeves!

The past, present and future are going to collide!

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