Saturday, December 14, 2019

Starbolts #460: Earth's Mightiest


Wow! We have a lot going on this week don't we? The first thing we should talk about is Clive and Stan's conversation. I never really explored what Stan can do. He has the ability to tap into a mystical source and use its energies. Sam and I figure it's the reason why Sara can teleport. Maybe it's also the reason Crystal can turn invisible and why she has claws? Hmm. Makes you think doesn't it? Still, this is the last we are going to see of Clive for the foreseeable future. He'll be rotting in prison for a long time and I wanted to have Stan have it out with the mad scientist who stole his children. There's certainly a lot of tension here!

Next we have Crystal. She has become the woman the Starbolts all knew she could become someday. Her parents' knew it. She is ready for the next great step in her life as a superhero. What will happen? That remains to be seen. Her new middle name comes from the Cherokee "She who brings happiness". That was going to be Crystal's name if she had been raised by Stan and Andrea. Stan belongs to the Cherokee nation and I thought that name really fit her.

Sara gets a new middle name as well. Her middle name is Carter. She takes her name from the first Lady Liberty, Linda Carter. As you can imagine, the girls' birth certificates were changed to reflect what their names were supposed to be. They decided to keep Sara and Crystal as names for convenience. The middle names, though, now give them a closer connection to their families and in Crystal's case, her heritage.

Really wish I could have found the Cherokee word for fox, though. That would have suited Crystal!

Now, then. What about Jenna? Will she give up her mantle as Lady Liberty to Crystal? Find out next time!!

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