Sunday, August 25, 2019

Starbolts #446: Operation Odanta


Wow. You are definitely not prepared for feels this week as we have a comic wrought with emotions. Firaxil's parents, Nisson and Dendra Odanta, are back in the land of the living. Eh, technically those two were never really dead. How about "The land of the defrosted". That makes more sense. Be sure to note the body language in this week's comic. Poor Firaxil is all over the place in terms of emotions. Poor guy. Then we have Crystal. She was upset when her parents were mentioned and that sparked her comment later in the comic. She basically stole Manta's line. I think she'll get a free pass from her boss for that one.

Crystal and Sara are just beginning to deal with the ramifications of everything. They'll be getting medals of honor for sure. But, I think the Odantas will have something to say about those two. It's going to be a long road. Will they be accepting of those two? How will they react to Firaxil being engaged to the daughter of the people who did this to them?

There's a lot for them to take in. Look for some serious drama in the coming comics! See ya next time!

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