Saturday, September 14, 2019

Starbolts #449: Loose Threads


We're just one week away from Starbolts #450 as loose ends are beginning to be finally tied up. What could possibly be on the recordings made by the live-in nanny? Feel free to speculate! Guaranteed there will be feels! So many feels. That's all I can say right now without spoiling anything!

Really glad that we wrapped up the Nisson issue quickly. I wasn't about to let it drag. The guy is just a little out of sorts from being in a deep freeze for twenty years. He's a bit lost, confused and shaken up. At least things look to be improving on that front.

But, now we have some more loose ends with Terra Nova. Who is Cecilia Rivera? What is her connection with Sara and Crystal? What's on those tapes? Their records may be clear but they have other priorities at the moment. Stay tuned as we delve a bit more into Sara and Crystal's shared past! See you next time!

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