Saturday, September 7, 2019

Starbolts #448: Meet the In-laws


Meeting the in-laws is always a very awkward and tense situation to deal with. And due to Dendra and Nisson's situation, it's bound to be a wee bit more awkward and tense than anything else. At least Dendra seems to be cool here. Nisson on the other hand is a wee bit more tense than anything else. Either way, next comic will deal with the fallout from this week's little adventure at the dinner table and the announcement at the end of the comic.

I wonder what that announcement is. Everyone is smiling in the last panel. I'll leave you, the reader, to figure out what they are happy about. Sure Sara swore. But, it's a happy swear. Trust me. She is elated. More on that next week and more drama to come regarding Nisson. I hope he comes around soon. Can't have him be this grumpy at the wedding.

Oh and I am trying different special effects for Sara's teleportation effects. I am trying to see what works. This one seems to be okay. But, I think I can do better. Time will tell.

See ya next week!

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