Saturday, August 25, 2018

Starbolts #402: Love and Loss


The Starbolts aren't taking this very well are they? They are all rightfully angry. Now the team has united faster than you can say "Avengers Assemble!" Will they find their long lost comrade? What does Clive intend to do? What is Project Sola? You'll find out soon enough! This storyline has only just begun and we've got a TON of comics to cover. By "we" I mean my friend Sam and I. Sam and I have been working on this story for a while and it's shaping up to be pretty good. Loads of action. LOTS of drama. Okay. A TON of drama. That's more like it.

We also have a bit of history for Sara. You can find this in the timeline.  Poor Sara has had a rough life. Then again a piece of the team has been missing for two years. So, you can bet that the team is not happy knowing that a creepy mad scientist has her locked up. She escaped his clutches once before. Will it happen again? Time will tell. Right now the 'Bolts have to contend with Project Sola!

Stay tuned!

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