Saturday, August 4, 2018

Starbolts #399: The Unthinkable


Major downer for the Starbolts this week. They just lost an entire planet! Thankfully this wasn't their fault. No. This was the fault of the Mosqukatara. Those insects were the ones who invented and created the gas. Tetreon gas is basically a radioactive isotope. It kills within minutes. It was used during the Aquan Occupation. So, now you know why M'anta was MAD! At least that man's message will be delivered to his family.

Next week is the big four hundredth comic! This storyline has a few things left to wrap up before we get to the next one. Next comic is going to be a long one so get ready for it. There's a lot that's gonna happen in that one.

Something though needs to happen to boost the team's morale. Here's hoping it comes soon.....

See you next time!

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