Saturday, September 1, 2018

Starbolts #403: Strike of Sola


Sola makes her move this week and she seems to have a thing for both Firaxil AND Crystal. Yes. She's bi. She's also crazy. Let me back up a bit. When Sam first created Sola, she was a split personality of Sara. Basically Sola was in the driver's seat almost the entire time they were captive by Terra Nova. The Sola personality was stopped by Aquita shortly after the dominant Sara personality surfaced after years of abuse.

Here's what happened. When Sara was little, she developed the Sola personality because of the abuse she sustained. That will be revealed in time. She became Sola and when she was rescued the Sara personality returned. Sola tried to break out and Aquita stopped it. When Clive created clones of Sara, the Sola personality personified into one of the clones. That my friends is bad news for all parties concerned.

 She's definitely leading the Starbolts right into a trap. We'll see what happens next week as this story continues.

It should also be noted that Crystal and Sara didn't hit it off right away. Part of it was due to Sola and another part was because of Crystal herself. When Sara comes back, the two sisters are gonna have to have a LOOOOONNNNG talk.

See you next time!

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