Saturday, August 18, 2018

Starbolts #401: Running Out of Time


The seeds for this storyline were planted way back in the mid 200s when I revealed that Velocity looked like Sara. Now we know why. She's a clone and the real Sara is alive! She's just out there somewhere. Where? Who can say? Does it matter? The Starbolts aren't going to rest until Sara Whitefox returns. Clive had better step back. A line is going to be out the door for his blood. Naturally being the bad guy he could care less about who he hurts. What is his deal with her anyway? We'll find the answer to that question, too. Trust me.

So, now we have a dead clone. There are probably more out there. Stay tuned and find out what happens next.

This ark is being written by me and a friend of mine who helped to create Sara back in the day. Back then her story wasn't fleshed out. Now we're taking the opportunity to flesh out Sara and what her life was like before we bring her back. Sam and I have laid the groundwork here. We know she is British and that she and Firaxil were an item. A very serious item as we'll find out. She was also adopted by the Whitefoxes like Crystal and Firaxil were. Next comic is gonna have the Whitefox kids react to this news. They'll be happy. But, yeaaah....Clive better watch out. Seriously. A cyborg super soldier, a cosmic space cop and a fiery ginger with claws are Sara's siblings. Someone's gonna get it. Congrats, Clive. You just painted a bullseye on you.

See you next time!

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