Saturday, April 15, 2017

Starbolts #346: The New Kids on the Block


This week the New Starbolts take center stage! Plenty of action from almost the entire team here. I didn't showcase Carra that much, but, she'll have more to do next week. Until then we have the newbies taking point against several of the Starbolts' deadly foes. And hey, they are doing a pretty good job here!

In other news, I'll be reviewing X-Men Blue soon so keep a look out for that. As far as X-Men Gold goes, the story is decent and everything. I'm admittedly hesitant over how I'll cover the controversy. I may say a couple things and just keep going. The controversy is still fresh in everyone's minds so I'll be covering Blue for now. And hey it's pretty fun!

So stay tuned for that and of course more Starbolts action. Had fun making sprites for Avian and a couple others. They were long overdue! Anyway, see ya next time! We're almost to the end of this storyline! And what an ending it will be! See ya!

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