Saturday, April 1, 2017

Starbolts #344: World of Illusions


That ending, man. That ending! It was actually one of the first panels I put in when I did the comic as the illusions went through a couple drafts. I initially had a mishmash of various things confusing Crystal. Instead, I opted to go with something a bit more simple while still keeping the basic premise in there. I wanted Zarantha to egg her on about the life she could have had if Clive had his way and had her be a Terra Nova operative. That obviously didn't happen.

I also had the choice in making this comic an April Fool's Day comic because that's what today is. I put a poll up on my twitter and people were adamant that I didn't do one. A friend of mine said it is probably because my day is Saturday and it's a day I normally put stuff up. Except if it's a video. Then those go up when I finish. Truthfully, I couldn't think of a comic for the day and I didn't want to break where the story was.

I also took the time to upgrade some backgrounds. See the walls of the station and a few other areas? I decided I needed to make them more spacey and high tech looking. It worked out pretty well.  It's just various little details and I'll definitely be adding more for future backgrounds.

In the meantime, we got this week's comic and wow...someone's gonna get punched. Or sliced. If Crystal wakes up in time. See ya next time!

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