Saturday, June 6, 2015

Starbolts #271: The True Face of Evil


 Look at those explosions. Michael Bay would be proud. A lot has happened this week! The Starbolts have broken out of jail. Manta returned. The embassy AND Guardians' mansion were both destroyed. The 'Bolts weren't in the embassy. It remains to be seen if the Guardians survived this explosion. Some will. Some...probably not. Though, Omega is starting to Hulk out there. Maybe he can lift the rubble? Perhaps. I also thought about shooting Cobra. But, the guy's undead. It'd be a mere annoyance to him.

I still plan on having issue #275 premiere on the Fourth of July! So, that'll be fun. I'll probably have to do two comics in a week to do so. That, I know I can do. I'll have a video in there too. This summer, I'll be focusing on the current Secret Wars events and a few of the tie ins that came out of the event.

They should be a fun series of reviews and I really can't wait for the stuff that happens AFTER Secret Wars because that looks to be exciting. I am glad that it isn't a reboot as many people think. It looks to be an exciting time for Marvel and as the nuts in charge said, it's just the next chapter in the ongoing story of the Marvel Universe.

After seeing a few teasers that came out this week, I think I am ready to dive head first into those new titles coming out of the Secret Wars once the dust settles and it's back to business as usual for the Marvel Universe.

Until then, it's time to continue rocking my own comic universe. See ya next week!

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