Saturday, June 13, 2015

Starbolts #272: The Power of Symbols


Today's comic centers around the star-spangled Starbolt, Lady Liberty!  She's got her suit back and is ready to take on the Skull. Sure she could have beaten him without the uniform. But, like Selena said, there's something to be said for symbols. And who doesn't like a blond person punching a Nazi over and over and over again? That kind of symbolism is amazing to me.

We also see Jenna's parents and a look inside Jenna's old room. Sadly the rest of her belongings went up in flames last week when the Embassy exploded. That's okay. She's going to take the fight directly to Jade Skull!

In other comic news, I have scripted #273 and that'll go up early next week with number #274 happening next Saturday. So, keep an eye out for that. #275 will go up on the Fourth of July and I promise it'll be well worth the wait. Stay tuned, true believers!

I'll also be working on a video for the end of June. So much to do. So much going on in this comic! Where do I find the time?

See ya in a few days with Starbolts #273: The Skull's Agenda!

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