Saturday, April 11, 2015

Starbolts #265: Back at the Ranch


Leave it to Crystal to have like +5000 charisma or something. I kind of feel bad having her flirt with Omega. But, then remember...she just wants to get away. Nothing more or nothing less. Nothing was going to happen. She wanted out of there so she had time to run off to Norad. Speaking of him, the team back at Agents Embassy are going to have their hands full aren't they? Good thing Knight showed up! We'll find out what he's up to next week. It's certainly fun to write Crystal as a southern belle. She really lays on the charm. I had to make sure she didn't lay it on TOO thick.

So now TK, Kaori and Dennis are captured. You don't know want to know what sinister plan Skull's got cooked up. It's not going to be pretty! Stay tuned and find out! See you then!

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