Saturday, April 4, 2015

Starbolts #264: Arrested Development


Two things to note this week. One: Those robots are silly looking for a reason. Not sure what, exactly. But, I am pretty sure that Jade Skull thought yellow paint on an android was a good idea. Add in a monitor with his face on it and you have yourself something really kinda stupid looking. Never said Jade Skull was sane now did I?

The other thing to note is that H. P. Gladstone is a grade a jerk. Seriously.  Let's hope that he shuts up when Jack and M'anta arrive back with proof. AND some robot parts. Can't have enough of those. God, those things are silly looking. They'll be in action next week. After that, I probably won't use them again. We'll see.

Hope you all enjoyed the Ms. Marvel video! Was fun making it. So much so that my video editing software broke on me afterward. It's okay. I am getting a new one and all will be right in the world. Will be working on a crossover with JT Haslach, the dude in the end of the video. AND I'll be in another crossover, soon. So, it looks like April is gonna be busy!

Anyway, enjoy the comic. I really hope that yellow isn't blinding anyone.

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