Saturday, February 22, 2014

Starbolts #224: Our Gods at War


Robkas, Robkas, Robkas. You have been a bad little amphibious monkey haven't you? You back the wrong horse, incur the wrath of the Gods and now you've hurt Mateo just after sexy times. I don't see anyone rooting for this obvious ass. He has no redeemable qualities save for the fact that he didn't take advantage of the situation after Mateo was shot. I couldn't write that. Besides, Aquita would have blasted him through the wall with her sonic scream.

I think next week we may see a new sprite design for Mateo. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. The sprite is one of the last designs I have held over from before JewWario gave me the sprite template. I held off on making one because the wings make things hard. But, I do have them separate and I may change him and Pal'idin since both use the same body shape. Doing them side by side would be easier, I think.

Of course, I may have to redo Mateo's outro as well. We'll see. Videos are going up at an even clip. This weekend will see the launch of me talking about the characters in the New Warriors again. Fun will be had at this channel:

Speaking of the New Warriors, I did get the first issue of the fifth volume and I believe that will be the first video I'll do when I get back in March. We'll see. For now, we've got Robkas and his zany antics.

Oh and giant green sea monsters that turn into goddesses. Don't forget those. Damn, that was fun to draw. =)

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