Saturday, March 1, 2014

Starbolts #225: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Don't need money. Don't need fame. Don't need no credit card to ride this train! 

Yes, I'm going to be singing that song for a while. Hey, it's a great song. Don't knock it until you've heard it a million times or so. So, Bescano's avatar is down for the count and has been vacated from Mateo's mind. Bescano is the God of Discord, yes. But, he is also the God of Tricks and Manipulation. The poor guy here couldn't hold a candle to the god he was supposed to represent. Whoops.

I also wanted to show that Mateo and Aquita's relationship isn't just physical. Yes, Aquita is pretty. But, their relationship is beyond the physical. They understand each other and compliment each other in various ways like how both are determined to achieve their goals.

As I said last week, I was going to make a new Mateo sprite and I think it worked out well. The sprite is now much easier for me to manipulate. The wings, I admit, took me a while to deal with. The comic was fun to do as I took the old ranch background, upgraded it and then turned it into Hell. Yay, symbolism!

Not much else to report today. Went to a small con last weekend in town and got a couple comics. I'll probably look at one of them. Perhaps this summer. When a certain movie starring a talking raccoon airs. =)

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