Saturday, October 26, 2013

Starbolts #209: Syntax Error


I admit it. When I was doing the panels with Norad appearing, the Transformers theme popped in my head. There'll be another reference to them, soon. I also remember a friend of mine once telling me Norad was a badass without realizing he's a badass. Can androids be badasses? That's a question for another time, I guess. Either way, Norad's in London and is about to kick some robot positron relays. Good thing he has an em pulse cannon or two, huh? Rockets would have made things too messy. So many robot parts to clean up. Plus, we don't know for sure if they are true robots. I know how Syntax is using the duplicates and trust's kinda gross. It should explain why Punchline freaked out.

In other news, I am going to put my second ep of Comic Showcase on Youtube soon. It's the Darkhawk one and it's one I really liked. Sure, I was coming off of a cold while filming. But, that's okay. Gonna be a while before we get to the newer ones.

At least I have the comics. Those aren't going anywhere. Oh and it looks like the Avengers and X-Men's 50th anniversaries are coming up. I may make a special article about those. We shall see.

Until next time!

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