Saturday, November 2, 2013

Starbolts #210: I, Syntax


Okay. Show of hands. Who here would actually TRUST Valentine? No, seriously. She's got these metahuman pheromones that would drive guys crazy. I did these panels to add a bit of depth to her because, well, she needed depth. You can't write someone like that and not have her have an ulterior motive for doing the things she does. It just doesn't work. Characters like her are like onions. There are more layers. The question is, everyone, is would you trust her even if she gives you a sob story like in panel 25? My beta-reader, Laura is a bit sketchy about her. And she should be. Speaking of her....

Last night, Laura and her long time boyfriend and friend of mine, Rich aka Daffy finally got engaged! From what Rich told me, he proposed in the most dorky, nerdy way possible. Which is fine. Mainly because nerd and dork culture is chic right now thanks to things like Doctor Who and the Marvel cinematic universe.

I've known both of them going on five years now. I've met them through tgwtg and talked with them a lot over the years. Hell, they even got me a personalized message from Stan Lee! How cool is that? The two are probably my closest friends on the site and the ones I have known the longest. To them, I wish the best of luck! You both deserve it and every ounce of happiness. Take care, guys and may you both continue to love each other for years to come! You're an inspiration to couples everywhere!

And that's all I've got to say about that! Until next time!

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