Saturday, April 28, 2012

Starbolts #153: Bring On the Bad Guys

This week's comic has a bunch of firsts. This is the first time I've shown Demonstorm in full since waay back when the comic started. For this occasion, I completely redesigned his sprite. In a bit, I will also redo his wife, Medea's sprite. This isn't the whole group I am showing, by the way. More baddies will be joining this group I have called "The Legion". They are going to make some trouble for our heroes. That is a fact!

Seriously. We have:

1. Granite.
2. Cobra
3. Robkas
4. Princess
5. Spectra
6. Valentine
7. Tornado
8. Dreadwing
9. Punchline
10. Braun

And of course Demonstorm. This group has a lot of power. Now...what could they be planning?

The only villain I am missing is Pal'idin's old mentor. I haven't decided if I will use him or not. There will be other villains, though. Just wait. Just...wait. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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