Saturday, April 14, 2012

Starbolts #152: Angel of Mine

 There's a bit of a story behind this week's comic. A few friends and I were discussing how to best handle love scenes in comics. I wanted to create something special for Kevin and Angela since they're the third of my couples in the story.  Kevin for all his incredible genius is very introverted and shy. He's the kind of guy who wakes up and sees his gorgeous girlfriend and just wonders why out of all the guys in the world, she picked him. Angela, being an empath was always the caring sort. She is caring, but, you do not want to cross her.

When I initially wrote the scene, I had several ideas in mind for how to get the two together. I figured the best way would be that Angela picked up his thoughts while the base was empty. He would be typing in a journal or something and she'd come in. They'd talk a bit and Kevin, finally feeling like he can do something about his feelings for her decides to go for broke. Variables be damned.

I've studied love scenes in comics and I wasn't going to show anything graphic when I finished. I figured I'd cut away to shots of the city and then finally with the two in bed. I think that's one way to handle it and it works out well.

So, that is this week's comic. The next few comics are going to be a bit on the funny side. (I hope) Then we'll get into a new storyline. Someone once asked if there was going to be any consequences with Angela and Kevin having sex. I can't think of any at the moment. It's best to leave it as is. We shall see if there are any. We shall see!

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