Saturday, May 5, 2012

Starbolts #154: Angry Dragonfly

Hey! Guess what today is? Well, aside from it being the day after the Avengers movie premiered and el cinco de Mayo, it's FREE COMIC DAY! So, do yourselves a favor and head on out to the nearest comic shop and pick up some comics. Why? Well, there are some good picks this time around. I got my picks and I'll probably end up reviewing one of them. It depends, ya know?

As for the Avengers movie, I'll be doing a vlog on that. So, watch out for that one to come sooner or later. As for THIS comic? Damn...Tanis is a whiner isn't he? I kind of wanted to replace his dialog with "WAAAAAH!" Oh, well. And hey...what's that in the last two panels? A Sleeper Agent switch? This can't be good. I won't spoil what happens. All I can say is. Hooboy. Things are gonna get hot around here.

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