Saturday, February 16, 2019

Starbolts #421: Daughters of Liberty (Part 4)


This was an especially difficult comic to write and sprite. We just found out what "the bad thing" was and that Clive killed his own daughter. Medics were able to bring her back. But, still. The damage was done and Sola was born. We also learned that Crystal spent a considerable amount of time with the Marshalls before returning to Kentucky. The Arronfelds most likely brought her to the Marshalls consistently for the first five years of their lives.

They spent the next ten separated from each other and only find each other again when they were teenagers. How did Crystal forget her friend? That's a question for another time. My co-writer, Sam, suggested that time played a role. However, this was a pretty traumatic event. Could this memory be repressed in Crystal? It's hard to say.

Right now both women are going to need some comfort and that's what next comic is going to be about. The bomb has been dropped and now Sara and Crystal need to put themselves back together again. Here's hoping Marcus and Firaxil are up to the challenge. Spoilers: They are.

See you next time!

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