Sunday, January 6, 2019

Starbolts #416: The Terra Nova Girls


Four hundred comics ago, Sara disappeared and a clone was put in her place. The clone died and that set the stage for what has happened all these comics later. Now it has been revealed that not only is Clive Marshall a mad scientist who wanted to experiment on metahuman girls. He is Sara's biological father! I can't imagine the family reunion will be pleasant. I suppose people could have seen it coming. Who can say? The truth is finally out there and who knows what will happen next.

The nine people who knew the darkest parts of Sara's past are: Stan, Andrea, Crystal, Firaxil, Jack, Kevin, Manta, Aquita and Shrall. It's not like the others were purposely left in the dark. They were just not in the know. It really doesn't make a difference now that the truth is out.

As far as Marcus goes, he was told not to sit with Crystal because the press and Gladstone have this hate for Crystal. They see her as a bad girl because of her Terra Nova past. The DMA has all but cleared her record and a special note was put in her ledger about how she helped to finally put her own parents away. I joke with Sam and say that the Arronfelds are on Rura Penthe, the ice prison from Star Trek VI. I'm not too far off. Trust me. =D

Well, here's part one of the trial. Look for part two coming soon! Stay tuned!

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