Saturday, December 5, 2020

Starbolts #509: Interview with the Centurions



    Firaxil and Angela have finally arrived at the Centurion base where she will learn to have better control over her powers and abilities. It also looks like her reputation preceded her since her father was also an illustrious Centurion back in the day. I'm sure things will be fine. But, she is going to have to deal with a very puritanical chaperone. Things are going to be easy for her since she is going to want to talk to her boyfriend, Kevin.  I'm sure there are ways to circumvent the restrictions she had placed on her. After all, she did use Tenera's laptop!

    Speaking of Tenera, she is actually the first Centurion I presented in the comic. She is also one of the first Aquan heroes outside of M'anta, Shrall and Aquita to help save Aquarius. Other aliens present in this week's comic include a Setleth and a Dovianni. Doviannis haven't been seen in a while. But, here's one of them far from home. I haven't really come up with names for the other races, yet. It's a start, though. I would be careful of that Leonid Centurion =).

    Angela has much to learn from the Centurions and she is ready to do her best. We'll be spending a couple comics here with her and then it's onto the Christmas comic. Stay tuned!

See ya next time!

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