Saturday, November 28, 2020

Starbolts #508: Heavenly Reflections



A lot happened this week and we learned a bit about Stan's origins. Stan, it seems, was also a cocky young hero. It seems to run in the Whitefox family, doesn't it. It also seems that he and Sara both shared a similar experience when they were near death. What could it mean? Time will tell. Or perhaps Sara will never know why her experience differed from her father's.

Crystal in the mean time seems to be on the mend after dealing with her ghostly ex. When the Whitefoxes came home, she immediately went looking for Marcus and thing led to another.  She'll be fine since she's in good hands!

As far as Jack goes, he has been okay through this whole thing. Here's hoping Anya takes up permanent residence at Agents Academy!

The three certainly learned a lot during their trip to meet their ancestors. They've all been changed for the better and I do like the banter they all had as a family. Things are looking up for the Whitefox clan. Next week, though, we're going to check in on the spaceman and Angela. 

Stay tuned!

P.S. I don't know what I was thinking with those fire demons. The idea just came to me!

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