Saturday, December 12, 2020

Starbolts #510: Racing Angel



This week Angela has a confrontation with her chaperone, Xelensa. But, it turns out the table has been turned as our heroine has to deal with Centurion Zero. What does he have in store for her? What could such a small, cute, hedgehog-like creature want from Angela? We'll find out soon enough. I just hope someone will show up to rescue her! This cannot end well!

Meanwhile, I created two new aliens. One of them is a rock-like alien and the other, I think, is plant-like. Not sure what their story is. But, I bet it's a good one. I can probably think up a backstory for those two sooner or later. It's not that important right now because we have bigger issues to deal with. Angela has to face the Centurions alone. But, she does have help. Tenera is a telepathic scream away. Surely she can save the day!

We'll see next week!

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