Saturday, September 19, 2020

Starbolts #498: Star-Spangled Banner Waves



On the road to Starbolts #500, we check in on Iron Eagle who hasn't been seen since Velocity was revealed to be a clone of Sara. As you can see, he has fallen into a state of depression and his only hope rests in the hands of his friend, Andrea. The poor guy lost the love of his life, his friends, his dignity, the trust of the superhero community and so much more.

This had all been building to a head since Starbolts #240 for Iron Eagle. That storyline saw him do some serious damage while under the control of the Nazi scientist, Jade Skull.  By Starbolts #401, he lost another friend. Things just got too much for him. At least now he can get the help he so desperately needs!

So, it looks like two out of three Whitefox kids aren't going to take the mantle of Lady Liberty/Iron Eagle. That just leaves Crystal. Will she take it? We'll find out next week! See ya then!

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