Sunday, September 27, 2020

Starbolts #499: Land of the Free


The road to Starbolts #500 continues as Crystal is named the next Lady Liberty. The old order may have changed. But, some things remain the same.  However, the road just got a little bumpier as Xander Smith just called for Crystal's head. Uh oh! What is this guy's problem? We'll find out next time in our 60 panel 500th comic extravaganza! Do stay tuned!

Was there ever any doubt that Crystal would eventually pick up her mother's mantle? The signs were all there. There was no way Sara was going to pick it up. She's good with being "the woman in the chair" and part of Team Science. 

Crystal is going to have to contend with some opposition next time. Stay tuned for that because it's going to get a little wild. Her trial by fire is about to begin!

See ya next time!

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