Sunday, August 4, 2019

Starbolts #443: Shenra's Revenge


This week we learn a bit more about Shenra's past. She was originally going to assassinate Demonstorm around the same time Sara was kidnapped. So now Gladstone has TWO kidnappings under his belt. What is it with that guy and kidnapping women? He's got serious issues. Well, now we know that Emil was the man responsible for brainwashing the metahumans under Terra Nova's control AND Shenra herself. Naturally, she didn't take the news well and the guy lost his head. Literally.

As far as Firaxil's parents go, we'll be seeing them soon. The "gold" team has been sent on a rescue mission while the "blue" team is in the tower. This is a reference to how the X-Men were split in the early '90s. And it's also a reference to how the Avengers were once split into West and East coast divisions.

This comic also showed practically every Starbolt. That was pretty amazing. I haven't had the chance to put everyone in one comic in a while. Just missing Anya. She's just off being a spy somewhere. =)

I do like that brief conversation Marcus had with Tanis. Expect more from those two in the near future. Shenra has some things to work out and has a mad hatred for the son of Demonstorm. I don't think they'll be friends any time soon. The speedster, meanwhile, is just not having it with him. He's nervous and wants to see Terra Nova end.

It will end. And soon. See ya next time!!

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