Saturday, January 19, 2019

Starbolts #418: Daughters of Liberty (Part 1)


The trial is over and Gladstone has been dealt with! Sara and Crystal, however, have stolen Gladstone's car. Well, he won't be needing it any time soon! He deserved it. You can't deny that. Now the two have come face to face with the woman who knew Marshall the best. Her name is Elisabeth King and she is Sara's birth mother! Don't expect her to be nice or anything. The next comic will explain why. It's clear that Sara got her attitude from her adoptive mother.

The comic is called "Daughters of Liberty" as the two daughters of Andrea are teaming up for this little adventure. Traveling from DC to Leicester took a while, though. Honestly, it would have been easier to just use a shuttlecraft. But, I guess if you have the opportunity, you steal Gladstone's car. Oh well.

It looks like Elisabeth has made quite a name for herself. Look at this house. Pretty amazing. More surprises will be in store next time so stay tuned!

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