Monday, December 31, 2018

Starbolts 2019 Blockbuster Preview


Happy new year, everyone! As per tradition we have the annual CJ interviewing a Starbolt segment and recapping the past year in the comic! Lots of stuff happened this year. LOTS of drama, action and all that fun stuff. Next year will be no exception. As usual panels 31-40 are in canon. So, that just leaves us with a question for the new year.

Who is Ellie? We'll find out about her story next year. We may have to wait a bit because Sara will be on trial next time. Then we will be reintroduced to this blonde high school student who writes Starbolts fanfiction. She's got a part to play in the upcoming story. I won''t give it away, yet. Just stay tuned and find out!

Happy New Year!

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