Saturday, December 15, 2018

Starbolts #414: Red Auras


Now we know what red auras are all about. When an Aquan reaches a certain age, he or she is able to read the auras of other living creatures. To understand them, M'anta needed to seek out the guidance of his elders. Since his parents are dead, he turned to Aquita for help since she is his older sister. Well, now we know that Sara is in deep trouble when it comes to Gladstone. It's a good thing the Starbolts are going with her!

You also just know that he is going to try and drag Crystal down with Sara because he's just that kind of person. She was involved with Terra Nova. So, he feels he should bring her down as well. Guilt by association is the name of his game. After the Christmas comic next week, be sure to come back for the next comic entitled "The Terra Nova Girls". The trial will be in full swing. Will something come of the red aura M'anta detected? What did Smith want Kevin to do? Find out more next time!

See you then!

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