Saturday, June 2, 2018

Starbolts #393: Driven Heroes


You are not prepared for feels this week. No way. I had a hard time revisiting Starbolts #19 and redoing the panels from way back then. I may have made some changes. If you want to see the old version, click here:

The first thing I upgraded was  Princess's version 1.0 armor. She now sports a purple getup. Then I changed the background. Man, this comic has gone through a lot of changes from #19 to now. It's almost four hundred comics later and now things have definitely changed. I figured I'd show just how Sara died because we needed a refresher and it's going to come into play later. If you guessed that the next arc is going to be about Sara, then you are correct.

However, before we get there our buddy Firaxil is going to have to go through a trial by fire that will tax him emotionally and physically. I hope he can handle it.

Meanwhile, Crystal has been dealing with Sabina. She's more than just a drop-dead gorgeous ginger. I can tell you that much. Marcus is charging to her rescue, but, it looks like she's doing fine. She could do with backup. After all. The Starbolts work best as a team. Really love how the last panels turned out. Sara would be proud. And next comic things are gonna get BROKEN!

See you then!

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