Saturday, June 23, 2018

Starbolts #396: The War at Home


Civil wars often rip families apart and it looks like the same thing happened to Sabina's family. Her sister backed the side that was working with the bugs. That's definitely not a good look for them is it? Nope. No way. Still, I think she might turn a corner given what is going to happen very soon. Starbolts #400's script is almost done and to shake things up a bit things might wrap up in #399. We'll see. Right now it looks like the team is heading to a final battle with the rebels. Will they win the day and finally go home? We shall see!

I've been namedropping Sara a lot lately haven't I? This may have something to do with the next storyline I'm working on. My friend, Sam, and I created Sara for the prose story and we've been working on getting her back. We've basically planned out the next one hundred comics. So, you can expect more action and excitement.

For right now I am planning the next video. I haven't decided what I want to do. It might be X-Men Gold #30 or Action Comics #1000. Perhaps I should flip a coin.

See you next time!

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