Saturday, May 26, 2018

Starbolts #392: The Chase Begins


Looks like Firaxil is back to where his adventure started. Back in the interrogation room of an enemy starship. This time his sister and Sabina are with him. Chances are pretty good that his stay at "Hotel Bad Inobe" is going to be a mercifully short one. We have eight comics until the shattering conclusion of this storyline. Then we move on to another one and I think you all might know what is to come.

Do the bad guys really think negative memories of Sara are going to effect him? I don't know. We'll see just what those memories are next week.

There's also a few things you might have noticed. I added a timeline of events crucial to the Starbolts universe and I edited a few character biographies. I figured it was about time. =D I mean why not? You need a solid basis for things.

 On another note, I had planned to do a video for this weekend, but, I think I am going to focus on this storyline for a while. Been having a lot of fun working on the comic and I think a break might do me some good.

So look forward to next week's comic! See ya then!

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