Sunday, September 24, 2017

Starbolts #365: Earning Your Wings


Today's comic took a while to produce because of a death in the family. I'm doing better today. It's probably going to take some time before I really get back into the swing of things. This month hasn't really been that good personally. There have been some bright spots here and there. But, I hope October fairs better than September did.

Anyway, we get to see modern day Sari this time around. I had a lot of options when designing the city, but, I went with an alley. There is this structure in the real city that is very elaborate and really cool looking to be honest. It's in the Saal square. I wanted to make this tower, but, it's kind of complicated.

It is what it is. I should also note that Idrak was speaking Mazandarani when talking to Amsha. In fact, Amsha is most likely a descendant of Idrak. How is this possible you ask? Well, she most likely had several brothers and the last name got passed down through the centiries down to Amsha.  Sure the odds are great that Icy would meet the woman but if there's one thing I learned this week it's...

Never tell me the odds!

See you next time!

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