Sunday, September 10, 2017

Starbolts #363: A Roc in a Hard Place


This week we're introducing a brand new villain to the Starbolts universe! His name is Relic Hunter. And it looks like he's one of those eccentric billionaires who has to have the rarest of the rare. He's one of those hyper collectors. We'll learn more about him in the coming comics. It looks as though our bird friend is in trouble. Let's hope the Starbolts can get the Roc out of there. It sucks that the cannon was destroyed. I'd have liked to have drawn it. =)

Oh well. It looks like Jack is in his old armor for the time being. He'll be getting a newer uniform sooner or later. The armor does well in a punch and there wasn't enough time to make a new one. So, why not go for the classic look?

As far as Ice Phoenix goes, it looks like she isn't one to suffer fools or threats. Poor terrorist never saw what was coming.

See you next time for more action on Mount Damavand!

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