Saturday, August 19, 2017

Starbolts #360: Hacking the Firewall


This week Talinn Bandjora from Nightstrike lends Jack and Ice Phoenix a hand after hacking the proverbial firewall between realms.  I added a little bit of a character moment for Kaori since we don't really have a lot on her. She's a young Japanese witch who is slowly learning the ropes. She's got a lot to learn and hopefully her friends in Nightstrike can help her out! We also see the spirits of Soldier Six still lingering about. Those ghosts are gonna be haunting Snake forever. Good. He deserves to be haunted!

Talinn and the rest of Nightstrike for those who don't know was originally created by my dearly departed friend Mike. Here's hoping I am doing him justice! The character is a demon bounty hunter and he's been in the comic before. I just revised his look several times. A long time ago he looked like a green Garazo. I had to change that fast!

Anyway, enjoy this week's comic! More action is coming soon!

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