Sunday, August 13, 2017

Starbolts #359: Call of the Ice Phoenix


This week we have the origin of the Ice Phoenix! Icey was a member of a Persian caravan in the 15th century. This means she is of Middle Eastern descent. I wonder what she'll make of the modern world when/if she makes it to Jack's time. We'll find out soon enough. We'll also find out if Roc is still hanging around after so many centuries. Chances are it is. However, getting to Persia, now modern Iran, may be a wee bit tricky. If the Starbolts help her, she'll get there with relative ease I am sure. International laws? What's that? Take a shuttlecraft right to the mountain!

Icey's bird form went through a few design changes and I'm not completely sold on the form in the last two panels. I may alter it in the future. I have a good reason why it's like this right now, though. Being cut off from Earth has weakened the Ice Phoenix's power. She's still strong. However, to reach her full potential, she must get back to Earth. She never got the full training Roc could have given her.

Just think. Ice Phoenix could have been the Starboltsverse's first superhero. The world sadly had to wait until the onset of World War II before the supers emerged again.  Or did it? =P

I liken Icey's bird transformation sequence to that of the Sorceress's transformation in He-Man back in the day. I always thought that was cool. Sure the bird form was a lot smaller, but, the homage is here. Here's hoping she'll fit in with Earth's mighitiest!

Enjoy the comic! See ya next time! 

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