Saturday, January 21, 2017

Starbolts #336: And Into the Fire


This week's comic had a few rough drafts before I settled on this one. The first rough draft had forty panels and had Backdraft burning down or attempting to burn down the Johnsons' house. I didn't like where that one was going so I decided to change it up with what we got here. The scene in the bedroom is from the first draft. I wanted to keep that in because I wanted to show that Zarantha is still putting the screws into her as it were. One of these days Crystal is gonna have it out with that wich. Perhaps sooner than you think.

I wanted to keep the scene with Marcus in as it shows where the relationship is at this point. Crystal's still scared. They've been on the run for a week now in comic time. They both want to come home. Hopefully some help will come in the next comic. They do have friends in high places and are on the outs with the DMA as well.

I also haven't decided what Backdraft is. Is he a guy in a suit? A metahuman? A demon? Who can say? I'll have to think on it. It's obvious that he doesn't like the city of Boston. Then again residents of Boston don't like the city of Boston! More of him next time. Next week we're gonna have a review of Nova #1. So, stay tuned!

See ya next time!

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